“Why should I pay YOU to learn MY business and create a marketing strategy?”

Large outdoor space with a road on the right side and a sign in the middle saying “Amateur” (pointing left) and “Professional” (pointing right), signifying the clear path created by a professional marketing plan

You know your marketing strategy is solid. I mean, sure — most of your boosted social media posts are struggling to gain traction and your lead conversion rate has been declining, but that’s just because of the economy.  And when you Google your company website, it takes a few different searches to get there, but […]

Six Common Problems Your Business Can Avoid With A Strategic Marketing Plan

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Let’s face it, marketing is overwhelming. Digital marketing, social media marketing, outbound marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, email marketing — I can’t say the word marketing anymore. It’s a valid stress! Marketing drives revenue, client connections, and the public perception of our brands, so it’s arguably the most important department in our companies. (At least […]

Is Your Business Failing To Adapt These Two Key Areas of the Post-COVID-19 New Norm?

Hand placing block letters together to form the word “Adapt"

As of March 24th, 2020, 38% of businesses across the United States reported that they were forced to cancel major, revenue-driving events, conferences, and meetings because of COVID-19. 38%. You may be thinking, “That’s unfortunate, but it doesn’t really affect me. My business doesn’t do events.” Well, good for you. Your business may not be […]

PixelMark is Now 8 Signal!

After passing our five-year landmark in November of 2019, our company is undergoing a major transition to enhance our clients’ online presence and position them as the voice of expertise in their field. Check out video above which gives you more information on how this incredible shift will strengthen the marketing services clients are receiving […]

Will Working From Home Stay Once the Chaos of COVID-19 Goes Away?

Remote team on a video conference call after COVID-19 has passed - 8Signal Marketing

Your business made it through the world-altering month of March, 2020. It’s been exhausting, it’s been overwhelming, and there’s still a mountain of work to push through, but you made it. You made it! Now that you’re in the process of pulling together a work-from-home environment for your team, you’re starting to notice that resolving […]